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Historic cities of Mexico
Posted on jueves 05 de julio de 2018

When we refer to the term of tourism in Mexico, surely the first thing that comes to mind is Mexico City and the Riviera Maya with the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, however Mexico has beautiful cities that are considered world heritage and they are definitely worth visiting and having a good time.


Some of the cities that are definitely worth visiting are:


Guanajuato. This city has several mines and refers to a colonial town because the buildings have an amazing structure and impressive architecture that was made by the hands of Indians and Spaniards. Undoubtedly when you walk the streets of this beautiful city, you can transport yourself to another era.


Campeche. It was named Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity due to its representative constructions of the military architecture of the XVII and XVIII centuries. Campeche has an incredible wall in front of the Gulf of Mexico, during the previous epochs it worked as a port center between New Spain and the New World.


Puebla. Also known as "The City of Los Angeles", also named as a heritage city. When walking through the streets of this beautiful city you can see monuments, buildings and buildings from the Spanish era, but there are also a lot of attractions such as clubs, bars, restaurants, among others.


San Miguel de Allende. This city also considers Cultural Heritage of Humanity, thanks to its buildings with Baroque and Gothic style, which transports us to another era. It is also the ideal city for couples who want an ideal and romantic wedding, since it has a parish that stands out in almost the entire city.


These cities are the perfect option if you still do not know what to do on your next vacation.